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PhotonWeld © - noua referință în sudura cu laser reală și durabilă de mână și robot

Cele mai bune mașini de sudură Laser pentru mașini portabile, robot, Cobot, automatizare și CNC


PhotonWeld A-Series-II-Second Generation - NEW !!

The killer of the Electric Arc Welding Machine


Output power : 1600 Watt Continious Wave laser Power

Maximum Peak Pulse Power: 2850 Watt 

PhotonWeld A-1600-II welds max:

6 mm steel

6 mm stainless steel

6 mm aluminium

6 mm galvanized steel

6 mm cortensteel

2.5 mm copper

3 mm Brass, ...

Electrical Connection:

MONO 220V/16A : Lowest in its category

Weight: <48kg

Working Temperature: -10°C till +55°C 

Fiber laser Cable : 10m

Welding with and without Wire infeed

Online service 24/24 7/7 with hotspot (mobile Phone)


Output power : 2200 Watt Continious Wave laser Power

Maximum Peak Pulse Power: 3650 Watt 

PhotonWeld A-2200-II welds max:

8 mm steel

8 mm stainless steel

8 mm aluminium

8 mm galvanized steel

8 mm cortensteel

3 mm copper

4mm Brass, ...

Electrical Connection:

MONO 220V/22A : Lowest in its category

Weight: <54kg

Working Temperature: -10°C till +55°C 

Fiber laser Cable : 10m

Welding with and without Wire infeed

Online service 24/24 7/7 with hotspot (mobile Phone)

PhotonWeld A-Series = 10 in 1 MultiTool

The Most Flexible Laser Welding Machine

PhotonWeld Series = 10 in 1 = Multifunctional Tool

Seria PhotonWeld = 10 în 1 = Instrument multifuncțional


PhotonWeld A-Series: cuțitul elvețian pentru muncitorul din metal!


1 - Sudare cu laser fără alimentare de material
2 - Sudarea cu laser cu alimentare de material
3 - Sudarea cu laser a metalelor diferite
4 - Sudarea prin puncte cu laser
5 - Sudarea cu laser cu cântare de pește
6 - Sudarea cusăturii cu laser
7 - Tăiere cu laser
8 - Curăţare cu laser
9 - Debavurare cu laser
10 - Rotunjirea marginilor cu laser






REAL Portable Laser Welding

A = AIR Cooled

An ideal choice 


PhotonWeld-A-2nd Generation

Heath-pump cooled Premium Real Portable laser Welding Series

Weld comfortable 8mm Steel - 8 mm Stainless Steel -  6 mm Cortensteel - 7 mm Aluminium - 2.5 mm copper/brass - 6 mm titanium - ...

Cleaning, Cuttting, Deburring, pointwelding, ...

Goto PhotonWeld-A


High Power Laser

W = WATER Cooled

3000 Watt (july 2023)

Discover our newest high power handheld laser welding technology


Water-cooled high performance laser welding systems

Goto PhotonWeld-W


Robot-ready laser Welding


Robot/cobot Ready laser welding packages



ROBOT/COBOT ready made plug in laser Welding systems

Goto PhotonWeld-R


Always improving, building on our experience in the field.

Why choose a PhotonWeld laser welding machine?

Laser welding machines have many advantages over traditional welding processes :

  • Lasers provide contact-free, high-speed metal welding solutions for advanced manufacturing across countless industries. With fiber lasers, laser welding has become a highly reliable, easily automated process that provides the highest part quality, typically at the lowest processing costs, and virtually maintenance free.
  • They are very fast: Laser Welding is much faster and more versatile than traditional welding methods. Laser energy provides consistent energy to the weld spot. This means excellent speed, thermal control, and seam quality. Voids and pockets are eliminated and secondary finishing is unnecessary.
  • Minimal Heat Input: The laser allows the metal to be heated extremely quickly, while limiting the risk of deformation It reduces improper alterations to components. Less heat transfer to the surrounding metal also means less distortion at the weld seam. Also a much smaller HAZ (Heat Affected Zones) and much less crackings just beside the weld.
  • They are highly accurate: They allow a localized, very fine, very clean, almost invisible welding with high precision.  The laser beams can be easily controlled to weld the tiniest of parts without damaging them. They are particularly suitable for welding small parts, they are extremely accurate .
  • They have a high consistency:  It delivers consistent repeatability. One weld to the next can be virtually indistinguishable.
  • They guarantee great strength: Laser Wobble welders do creates very high-strength welds.
  • They can be adapted to a wide variety of part shapes and materials:  You can use them to weld parts with very different shapes and to make complex Joints.  It makes welding together materials that differ from each other possible.
  • They do not wear out: Laser welding machines operate without contact, so there is no risk of wear and tear on the machine.  There is also no need to change tools or electrodes, which is a definite advantage in terms of waste reduction.  Pure and stable fiber laser source , 100,000 hours of lifetime, free of maintenance
  • They are VERY Economical: High electro-optical conversion efficiency (32% standard and up to 50%  with our EcolEner Technology), excellent beam quality, high energy density, and reliability, a wide modulation frequency. Low energy consumption, only 20%-30% of the traditional welding machine. They have very low cost of ownership and maintenance costs
  • They are VERY Profitabl: Fiber laser welding is now with our Lasermach WOBBLE Handheld fiber laser welding machine VERY affordable and accesable for every company
  • Highest Part Yield: The high stability of the laser power and beam profile of the fiber laser ensures a very repeatable process that delivers the same high-quality weld every time. This non-contact process with no wearing surfaces ensures the last part you produce is the same as the first.
  • High Throughput: The inherently high speed of laser processing combined with the ease of high-speed automation and elimination of most post-processing steps provide significantly shorter cycle times than competing technologies. Factor in the high-yield process, and WOBBLE fiber laser welding delivers more good parts faster than alternate joining techniques.
  • Fast ROI: Together with higher-speed and lower-cost processing, the high uptime and availability of the laser welding system enabled by the zero-maintenance  fiber laser make for the lowest cost per part welding, and the fastest return on investment.


Quality, speed and clean processing makes our PhotonWeld laser welding machine a favorite for fabricators and manufacturers.

Lasermach opens European Laser Welding Innovation Center in the center of Europe (Mouscron - Belgium)

Laser Welding Machine with Professional training and instruction included in our Laser Welding DEMO/TEST/TRAINING Centrum.

PhotonWeld Series: The Very best REAL Portable Handheld Laser Welding Machine

PhotonWELD TM handheld laser welding is easy to learn, simple and fast to set up and provides consistent high-quality results across a wide range of materials and thicknesses


EcolEner : patented High Efficient Energy saving Technology from Lasermach

Saving minimal 22% energy compared to laser welding machines with standard laser sources

Sustainability is emerging as an important approach that manufacturing companies employ to improve their economic profitability and competitive advantage by enhancing environmental performance. Consistent with the contemporary aspects of ecological responsibility, specific forms of ECOLogical ENERgy (ECOLENER ®) saving mediate the relationship between an environmental sustainability orientation and environmental performance.

Every PhotonWeld laser Welding Machine is equipped witht the unique and patented EcolEner energy saving technology. Minimal 22% energy saving compared to any other laser source and up to 85% energy saving compared to any other Welding Machine

EcolEner ®: Sustainable ECOLogical ENERgy Saving Technology for Lasers

Huge reduction on CO2 production by switching to PhotonWeld

Normal arc welding produces 9.82 grams of CO2 per second

PhotonWeld laser Welding produces 1,57 gram CO2 per second


84% less CO2 PRODUCTION by PHOTONWELD Laser Welding

PhotonWELD uses the new EcolEner High Efficiency Laser Source family

Lasers with record wall-plug efficiency of almost 50%.

PhotonWELD uses the new EcolEner High Efficiency Laser Source family, a new generation of kW class low-mode Ytterbium fiber lasers with record wall-plug efficiency of almost 50%. PhotonWELD Series offers an unparalleled level of reliability, have higher wall-plug efficiency, are brighter and more reliable than kW class diode lasers built by combining multiple emitters into a single output. The ECOLENER Series is perfectly suited for applications that cannot tolerate any downtime or service intervention. The EcolEner can be used in all high power application areas, including cutting, welding, brazing, cladding and surface treatment.

The Advantages of Laser Welding Over Arc Welding

Product designers and process engineers considering laser welding as an alternative to more conventional types of welding, such as MIG-MAG or/and TIG arc welding, will find each has its plusses and minuses. But for most applications laser welding is a cleaner, more precise, and more controlled method of welding and is especially much faster and better controllable.

EcolEner ®: Sustainable ECOLogical ENERgy Saving Technology for Lasers

ECOLENER ® Photon Saving Technology

PhotonWeld: High efficient portable handheld Laser Welding Machines


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